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Our site is moving

redirect2 will not be updated anymore, new posts or updates will be done at:


All the content with all it’s comments has already been moved there and redirects will be setup very soon.

The reason of moving is because the domain is old, the site has over 50.000 unrelated categories and tags attached to posts which makes search very difficult and slows down the site, some installed plugins and code that is no longer used and if disabled may disrupt the site and so on.

The new site is ready and functional, is faster, more optimized and the design is close related to what have, just wider and more responsive.

Here are a few things that are left to be updated or changed after the redirects are set up:

  • Indexes / directories updates
  • Some images haven’t been moved yet (you can still visit/download them because they are still hosted on, will be done right after with no downtime
  • A few design changes
  • Subscribers list will be exported too, it will be your choice if you still wish to receive emails when we post new content.

    As for the new entries/comments once it’s all moved i will be able to respond/update them again.

    Thanks for understanding and hope you guys stay safe

    Best Regards

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