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Our site is moving

redirect2 will not be updated anymore, new posts or updates will be done at:


All the content with all it’s comments has already been moved there and redirects will be setup very soon.

The reason of moving is because the domain is old, the site has over 50.000 unrelated categories and tags attached to posts which makes search very difficult and slows down the site, some installed plugins and code that is no longer used and if disabled may disrupt the site and so on.

The new site is ready and functional, is faster, more optimized and the design is close related to what have, just wider and more responsive.

Here are a few things that are left to be updated or changed after the redirects are set up:

  • Indexes / directories updates
  • Some images haven’t been moved yet (you can still visit/download them because they are still hosted on, will be done right after with no downtime
  • A few design changes
  • Subscribers list will be exported too, it will be your choice if you still wish to receive emails when we post new content.

    As for the new entries/comments once it’s all moved i will be able to respond/update them again.

    Thanks for understanding and hope you guys stay safe

    Best Regards

    Update over actor/actress profiles

    Update 2

    A new index has been added to the left sidebar: Pornstar profile, with all the actor/actress profiles within already updated, you can see an actress profile example here: Anne Magle profile

    Every actor/actress category will have attached a small description to it’s category and if available his/her profile page linked: example: Anne Magle. There are a few categories left to be updated, and it will be done in the next days or so.

    I scratched this idea out, there is no point to show the actor/actress profile twice on: actor/actress profile page and category linked page.

    Instead by navigating the actress/actor/director category linked page, her/his profile will be displayed followed by an A-Z titles index and just bellow posts will be shown just as normal, with posters, download link and pagination.

    In case the category page has more than 10 posts attached and force pagination, the profile will show only on the first page.

    Example: Anne Magle

    With that being said, if you have any corrections or additional information on any actor/actress leave a comment or email me and it will be updated.

    Site Update


    Site Update. You may encounter pages that have high loading time while navigating the site right now. I’m aware of this issue and it should be fixed soon. The process should not be longer than 24hours.

    SSL Encryption

    ssl myclasic 1

    MYCLASIC.COM now uses SSL Encryption, you should navigate on our website at the following address

    You should be able to see the green padlock myclasic padlock on your web-browser when navigating our website, In case you don’t make sure you clear the browser’s cache for

    * Some of the user profile pictures couldn’t be moved from http to https, so feel free to update them again

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    Door open

    Doors Open

    Long ago sign-ups were close to the site due to some server side issues, now they are back:

    You can now register a new account here


    Check your profile at User profile

    You can check other user profiles by clicking their name in the comments.

    Older accounts are still available, if you forgot your password you can recover at Password reset

    Latter down the road, option will be added for trusted users to posts content with their own links.

    Also for old time users that already commented on the site and has an account or will create one, I will try to append your older comments to your account (in the work)

    * Having adult images as cover/avatar profile or links to external sites is fine but be sure you comply with our website rules

    Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New Year 2019 a

    Let the old year end and the New Year begin with new aspirations. Thanks to all of you for support and following in 2018, hope to see you around in 2019.

    Happy New Year!!!

    With the new year coming I will have two days off.

    Holiday’s Update

    update holidays

    I wish you all Mary Christmas and happy holidays, thanks for support and following

    There is a Novafie Christmas promo running right now, if you subscribe to novafile during 21-26 December period you will recieve 50% extra days to your account.

    Some things I have been worked lately, done indexing the following categories

    8mm films
    Video & VHS,

    they have been added on the right inner sidebar and can be used for easier navigation

    Read More « DOWNLOAD »

    Interface update


    Header interface update, A-Z menu reworked and lot of link fixes.

    Website Update


    Myclasic is fully responsive now

    I have delayed this update for a few months already, fortunate is now ready and have been pushed live today.
    It brings faster loading time, better navigation within the site and supports all browsers, devices, resolutions and operating systems

    Some features have been removed, some have been already implemented and some are left to be updated.

    • A-Z index have been moved to the right sidebar under 8mm Loop Directory “drop-down” menu. It’s much cleaner, it updates itself and has a overall better functionality
    • Random thumbnail post generator have been removed, due to high page loading time
    • Page navigation have been fixed, pages will not go one above the other anymore
    • User registration is in the work at the moment and it’s closed, will be opened again to encourage discussion and will have a better user profile and other features
    • Right sidebar also is being changed, will have a better link composition for a easier navigation within the site

    There are a few things to be touched but overall there are no major bugs and website is working properly.

    If you find any bugs or features that doesn’t work, report them within any post or email me at



    Update 2

    There might be some issues in the next few hours navigating the website, just reload it. If that don’t make it wait a few minutes and try again.


    During my inactivity period many comments were made, today I checked through all the comments,

    links that were reported have been noted down and will be replaced in a short period. I found a issue that cause some of the links to be deleted and it will be avoided in the future.

    Thanks to asd, ailen, david, mako2mak and everyone else that reported the links in cause.

    All the submitted IDs have been updated. Thanks to Andree Voytek, Ascot23, Cocky Thruster, Gaz and everyone involved in identifying some of the cast that I’ve might have missed or was unknown to me.

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