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  • We do our best to keep a good quality in our posts, all the films and magazines posted on the website are tested before they are published.
  • You can use the “Subscribe” feature to get daily emails when new content is posted. Right now myclasic uses 3rd party Google Feedburner feature to manage the subscriptions to the site, this may be changed in the future. If you want to “Unsubscribe” send me an email with the subject and will be done manually.
  • Everyone can leave a comment as long they do not break the website rules. The comments are well moderated to keep the spam away.
  • The password (if any) is “myclasic” or “” for any .rar file on the website.
  • Registration. is open.
  • If you have something to say but it is something directed and specific to another member, instead of posting it for everyone, take advantage of our private messaging functionality and send them a PM.
  • Avoid firefox (mozilla) browser while navigating our website if possible, due to how firefox display “font-weight” and “text-shadows” some of the text may seem to have higher contrast.
  • For devices with “width resolution” lower than 420px, 8mm film directory indexes won’t be displayed due to index table minimum width being around 400px. (The table would go outside of your device pov).
  • To be updated

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