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Tender Tarts 6 – Countertop Cunt

Mike Horner

Unknown Female

Tender Tarts 6 - Countertop Cunt

Tender Tarts 6 – Countertop Cunt. 45.7 meters – full climax – in blazing color. US produced Tender Tarts US 8mm color sex loop, featuring unknown girl and Mike Horner. Classic, 8mm film, twosome sex, sexy mature girl, blonde, hot body, kitchen settings, sexy ass, hairy pussy, sex from behind, blowjob, hardcore sex. With audio (music). Good video quality.

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Tender Tarts 3 – Nympho Lust

Mike Horner

Nympho Lust

Nympho Lust. Tender Tarts 3. Tender Tarts 8mm loop serie. 45.7 meters. Featuring unknown white female and Mike Horner. Full Climax In Blazing Color. Horny Foxes in Super-Erotic Acts of Lust!. Only back poster available. US filmed and published. Classic, 8mm Film, Twosome Sex, Sexy Blonde Girl, Mature, Hot Body, Big Tits, Living room Settings, Blowjob, Sex From Behind, Hardcore Sex. Silent film.

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