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Hollywood Connection 205 – Slurpee

Hollywood Connection 205 Slurpee 5

Hollywood Connection 205 – Slurpee. Hollywood Productions. US 8mm hardcore sex loop, with audio (music). Unknown white female and R.J. Reynolds. Color Sex. US produced and published film. Twosome sex. Sexy mature girl. Redhead. Hot body. Bedroom settings. Hairy pussy. Blowjob. Straight sex. Facials.

A gorgeous redhead anxiously swallows 11 inch of solid meat. Her slithering tongue and slurping mouth bring both a fantastic cum shot that sprays onto her tongue and face! She licks his cock clean and sucks it rigid again to slid it deep within her now craving cunt. She rides the rod like a wild bull finally getting her gun off a mid gaps of ecstasy.

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Hollywood Connection 204 – Gravy Train

Hollywood Connection 204 Gravy Train 1 1

Hollywood Connection 204 – Gravy Train. Hollywood Productions. Hollywood CA. US 8mm hardcore sex loop, featuring unknown girl and Kevin James. US produced and published. Twosome sex (f, m). Classic, 8mm Film, Blonde, Hot Body, Bedroom Settings, Sexy Ass, Hairy Pussy, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Facial. With audio (music).

HC 204 – Gravy Train. Fucking Nance, Kev jerks his monster cock from her moist pussy and floods her furry mound with gobs of while gravy. She gets so turned on that she wrestles his cock to her mouth and fellates it wildly as she lowers her soft pussy onto his face. He tongue whips her gaping cunt to a wet climax when she covers his face with a gusher of her own gravy!

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