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Darling Film 7 – Saloon Sex

Darling Film 7 Saloon Sex 1

Darling Film 7 – Saloon Sex. Super 8mm vintage sex loop, produced by Willem van Batenburg. Dutch produced and published. Threesome Sex. Color Sex. Classic, 8mm film, sexy girl, legal teen, hot body, skinny, saloon settings, hairy pussy, blowjob, straight sex. With audio (reel running). Loop footage also used for Alexandra Film 3 – Saloon Sex.

SALOON SEX. Two badly horny boys visit a cafe, hoping for (but not really believing they’ll find) some honest action in the field of rut. And what do they find…. a bored party girl, with roughly the same idea in mind. In a very short while the trio goes to work and our girl, busy with mouth, hands and cunt, works the two heavy duty penises up to their first eruption. But this is only the beginning…. her insatiable cunt keeps asking for more, deeper and faster. Which is delivered on demand, with the bottles rattling behind the bar. A film in which the fine points of trio work are fully exploited. 2 men and 1 woman.

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Darling 1 – Sex Lesson

Darling 1 - Sex Lesson

Darling 1 – Sex Lesson. Super 8mm color hardcore sex film, featuring Freja amongst others. Germany published. Group Sex. Teenage sex themed loop. Classic, 8mm film, sexy girls, legal teens, mature, teacher, school settings, hairy pussy, group sex, orgy, blowjob, hardcore sex, facials. With audio. Good video quality. Film footage also used for Sylvia Sex Und Schonheit 3 – Sexual Kunde.

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Darling Film No.8 – Clinical Erotic

Clinical Erotic

Clinical Erotic. Darling Film 8. Darling 8mm hardcore sex film. Series is related to Erotica Film, Erotica Film Holland. Dutch published. Classic, 8mm Film, Loops, Nurse, Fetish, Handjob, Blowjob, Group, Hairy Pussy, Hardcore Sex. Super 8mm color hardcore sex film, with audio (music).

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