Lasse Braun Film No.916 – Swallow Me Baby

Swallow Me Baby 916

Swallow Me Baby. Lasse Braun Film 916. Lasse Braun 8mm hardcore sex loop featuring Brigitte Maier, Eva Quang and Nicole Velna. Lasse Braun Film. UK, London, 1977. Group. Asian Girl, Lesbian Sex, Girl in Bondage, Hardcore, Anal. Super 8mm color hardcore sex film, with audio.

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Nackt Auf Schwarzer Seide (1977)

Nackt Auf Schwarzer Seide

Titles: Nackt Auf Schwarzer Seide, Mes nuits avec Emmanuelle
Year: 1977
Country: Germany
Studio: Relax Video
Director: Gerard Vernier
Starring: Barbara Moose, Christine Chanoine, Corinne Valois, Dolorès Manta, Maria Catala, Micky Love, Nicole Velna, Jean-Louis Vattier, Charlie Schreiner, Joël Charvier, Arold Manfred
Genre: Vintage, Classic, Adult

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Sex Roulette (1977)

Sex Roulette

Titles: Sex Roulette
Year: 1977
Country: France, Germany
Studio: Tabu Video
Director: Alan Vydra
Starring: Anita Berenson, Barbara Moose, [infopopup:brigitte-lahaie-13], Christine Baer, Claude Janna, Erika Cool , Marlène Oury, Michele Grubert, Micky Love, Nathalie Morin, Nicole Velna, Rachel Montand, Samantha, Siegried Cellier, Véronique Maugarski

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Brigitte Lahaie

Tabu Film No.336 – Die Leidenschaften des Robert B

Die Leidenschaften des Robert B 336

Die Leidenschaften des Robert B. Fortuna de Luxe 8mm hardcore sex loop by Tabu Film featuring Brigitte Lahaie, Emmanuelle Pareze and Nicole Velna. Loop is part from adult feature film “La Rabatteuse (1977)”. Title is translated as “The passions of Robert B”. German published, French filmed. Sexy Girls, Compilation, Group, Interracial, Dance, Hardcore Sex. Super 8mm color hardcore sex film, 150 meter. With audio.

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Brigitte Lahaie

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