Blonde Beavers (1974)

Blonde Beavers

Blonde Beavers (1974)

Blonde Beavers. The hunt is on! We’re hot on the trail of hot, dripping beaver. Not just any beaver but the rare true blonde. The one that is most desirable. As men, we all have to have one real blonde in our life. Well the hunt is on and some of them are hiding right here. So kick off your boots have some fun with the hottest blonde beavers this side of the dam. Historic Erotica. US produced and published. Featuring Andrea True, Angel Ducharme, Heather Young, Lysa Thatcher, Tina Louise, Jeffrey Hurst, R.J. Reynolds, Ron Jeremy and Shawn Costello. Compilation of loops. Classic, Adult feature Film, Sexy Girls, Blondes, Vintage, Hardcore Sex. With audio. Post updated.

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Lysa Thatcher

Ron Jeremy

Tina’s Angels 1 – Go Get ‘Um

Go Get 'Um 1

Go Get ‘Um. Tina’s Angels 1. US 8mm regular hardcore sex loop, featuring Heather Young and R Bolla. Threesome Sex (2f-1m). Classic 8mm Film, Sexy Girls, Skinny, Blonde, Brunette, Hot Body, Bedroom Settings, Sexy Ass, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Facial. With audio (reel running).

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Pussycat Ranch (1978)

Pussycat Ranch

Pussycat Ranch (1978). Directed by John Christopher. Featuring Arcadia Lake, Daisy Mae, Heather Young, Molly Malone, Samantha Fox, Don Peterson, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera, R. Bolla, Roger Caine and Wade Nichols. Tabu Video. USA published, 1978. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex.

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Arcadia Lake

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