Pussycat Ranch (1978)

Pussycat Ranch

Pussycat Ranch (1978). Directed by John Christopher. Featuring Arcadia Lake, Daisy Mae, Heather Young, Molly Malone, Samantha Fox, Don Peterson, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera, R. Bolla, Roger Caine and Wade Nichols. Tabu Video. USA published, 1978. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex.

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Arcadia Lake

Teenage Runaways (1977)

Teenage Runaways

Title: Teenage Runaways
Year: 1977
Country: USA
Studio: M.S.W. Productions
Director: Carter Stevens
Starring: Anna Lisa Plurabella, Clea Carson, Crystal Sync, Jean Sanders, Joanne Shallow, Joy Peters, Madeline Jack, Paula Morton, Phyllis Flowers, Susan LeBeau, Susaye London, Bobby Astyr, Don Peterson, Eric Edwards, Mark LeBeau, Martin Ford, Pepe, Peter Andrews, R. Bolla, Randy Coppasquatto, Roger Caine, Tony Richards, Wade Nichols, Wayne Anthony
Genre: Classic, Adult, Hardcore

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