Swedish Erotica 276 – Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood

Swedish Erotica 276 – Dr Feelgood

Swedish Erotica 276 – Dr Feelgood. Featuring Delania Raffino, Monique Cardin and John Holmes. US produced film, 1979. Classic, 8mm Film, Threesome Sex, Sexy Girls, Skinny, Hot Body, Big Cock, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Facial. 8mm color hardcore sex film, with audio. ID provided by Andrew V. Film updated with a better video quality.


A pretty blonde sex-therapist and her assistant. John Holmes. have hit upon a treatment for frigid women. Their first patient hasn’t had an orgasm in over a year. Once Holmes has stretched her pussy around his plea-sure prong. you’ll see a real miracle healing. Hallelujah!

Size: 111Mb
Type: avi
Duration: 00:12:08
Resolution: 640 x 480




Dr Feelgood


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