Tiny Tove Jensen

Tiny Tove Tiny tove 3

Tiny Tove Jensen. Scandinavian porno model who during the late seventies and early eighties appeared in several 8mm hardcore sex films and sex magazines. Some of the 8mm loops she features in were later republished on VHS and DVD.

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Tiny Tove Jensen films list posted on Myclasic.
Danish Schoolgirls 1 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 4 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 5 (1970)

Color Climax - Teenage Bestsellers 252 (Remastered)

Teenage Orgien

Swedish Erotica 293 - Patsy Learns To Play

Teenage Sex Video 778

Teenage Sex Video 777

BC 52

Color Climax Programm 305

SexOrgy Film No.220 (1978)

SexOrgy Video 828

Color Climax Film No.1348 - Teenage Tricks

Tiny Tove loop - Math Assistance

Color Climax - Teenage Bestsellers 260

Color Climax - Teenage Bestsellers 255

Color Climax - Teenage Bestsellers 252

Danish Hardcore 103

Fireball No.603 - Cock Rock

Master Film No.1802 - Film Orgy

Master Film No.1794 - Little Sexy Eva

Master Film No.1798 - Der Perverse Onkel

Danish Hardcore Film No.545 - Educating Tina

SexOrgy Film No.215 (1978)

Master Film No.1804 - Orgasm

Danish Hardcore Film No.602 - Young Flesh

Teenage Sex Film No.708 - Always Prepared

Teenage Sex Film No.716 - Young Thai Tourist

Teenage Sex Film No.712 - Young Flesh

Color Climax Film No.1381 - Piss Service

SexOrgy Film No.223 (1970s)