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A few words about Ron Jeremy: Ronald Jeremy Hyatt (born March 12, 1953) known by the stage name Ron Jeremy, is an American adult film actor. Nicknamed “The Hedgehog”, he was ranked by AVN at number one in their “The 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time” list. Jeremy has also appeared in non-pornographic films, such as The Chase, Orgazmo, They Bite, The Boondock Saints, Crank: High Voltage, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, Detroit Rock City and 54. Director Scott J. Gill filmed a documentary about him and his legacy in 2001 film Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy.

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Golden Girls Magazine Pack 5 44

Pretty Girls No.119 - Sherri

Showgirl Superstars 10 - Candida Royale's Fantasies

Golden Girls 6 (1983)

Golden Girls 1 (1982)

Erotic Dimensions Pack

Golden Girls 5 (1982)

Golden Girls No.83 - Making Her Point

Golden Girls No.156 - In Search Of

Pretty Girls No.125 - Crystal

Golden Girls No.106 - Piece Movement

Tabu Video - Sex On Set - Original Gold Screen Edition

Collection Film No.135 - Hot Flashes (better quality)

Golden Girls No.84 - Quiver Toosh

Blonde Beavers (1974)

Swedish Erotica 91 - Shauna Grant (1980s)

Swedish Erotica 22 (1981)

Anal DP Blonde (1970s)

Collection Film No.121 - A Little Wine & Thou

Seductress SS-5 - Sweet Dreams

Golden Girls No.27 - Scheming Lisa

Suze’s Centerfolds No.25 - The Wet Dream

Ribu Aristokrat 76 - Sex-Schnüffler

Starlet Film No.739 - Die Eier Wally

Starlet Film No.735 - Pflaumenkitzel

Limited Edition 51 - The Pussy & Ass Club

Pleasure Production No.2123 - Rock Hard

Starlet Film No.732 - Blas Baby Blas!

Love Film No.723 - Festival Der Luste

Golden Girls No.52 - Break For Brenda

Golden Girls No.15 - A Night at the Bijou

Starlet Film No.729 - Hitch Hike Heidi

Roger Rimbaud Production No.53 - Rising Reader

Joys Of Erotica No.223 - Nurse In Heat

Lusty Ladies Pack

Seductress SS-22 - Holly Weird

Golden Girls No.9 - On The Road

Regal Collection No.626 - Bar Ball

Golden Girls No.66 - Clean As A Whistle

Golden Girls No.110 - Home Body

Golden Girls No.109 - Sweet Meat (version 2)

Golden Girls No.96 - Right And Nasty

Golden Girls No.42 - Private Dick

Limited Edition 64 - Sensitive Asshole

Swedish Erotica 392 - Getting Plugged

Golden Girls No.104 - Ball Fan

Joys Of Erotica No.248 - The Circle Jerk

Card Game with Ron Jeremy

Golden Girls No.109 - Sweet Meat

Golden Girls No.71 - Love Locks

Swedish Erotica 365 - Organ Recital

Golden Girls No.225 - Full House

Starlet Film No.738 - Und Wer Giesst Mein Roschen

Diamond Collection 281 - Anal Fixation

Golden Girls No.182 - Cum Before Lunch

Golden Girls No.151 - Pretty Tease

Golden Girls No.30 - The Love Machine

Golden Girls No.18 - Getting Into Her Pants

Collection Film No.196 - Flaming Passion

Swedish Erotica 326 - Beach Party

Swedish Erotica 525 - Anal Interlude

Swedish Erotica 547 - The Butler Did It

Collection Film No.211 - Aqua Sex

Ron Jeremy loop

Golden Girls No.47 - Big Find (version 2)

Golden Girls No.37 - Shop'N Pop

Collection Film No.135 - Hot Flashes

Swedish Erotica 1133 - Present for Little Oral Annie

Golden Girls No.127 - Ballroom Dancing

Regency 709 - Odd Man Out

Golden Girls No.174 - Peach Pie (better version)

Limited Edition 110 - Oh Doctor

Swedish Erotica 393 - Tina’s Fantasy

Sweet Summer (1986)

Golden Girls No.211 - Full Sizer

Porno Screentests (1983)

Splash Shots (1989)

Golden Girls No.45 - A Little Nasty

Golden Girls No.174 - Peach Pie (better quality)

Seymore Butts In The Love Shack (1992)

Limited Edition 149 - Fuck Me Harder

Seductress SS-52 - Fondle Freak

Golden Girls No.174 - Peach Pie

Swedish Erotica 424 - Sex Star Interview

Diamond Film No.287 - Dr. Jeremy

Pleasure Production No.2053 - Hospital Orgy

Regal Collection No.622 - Beauty & The Beast

Shipwrecked (1990)

Sulka's Daughter (1984)

Lethal Passion (1991)

Naughty Nymphs (1991)

Cherry Cheesecake (1985)

Seductress SS-6 - Something Different

Hot Blooded (1985)

Guttmans Hollywood Vacation (1993)

Swedish Erotica 1127 - The Big Fix-Up

Swedish Erotica 396 - Pleased to Meet You

Star 88 (1988)

From Kascha With Love (1988)

A Girl Named Sam (1988)

Educating Kascha (1988)

Anal Pleasures (1988)

On Fire (1988)

Collection Film No.74 - A Plan to Be Rammed

Collection Film No.162 - Robin's Talent

Deep Inside Ginger Lynn (1988)

Caught From Behind 8 (1988)

Good Morning Saigon (1988)

Kascha's Blues (1988)

Swedish Erotica 352 - High Society

Horny Honeys No.101 - Kitchen Maids

Carnival 1 - Wet & Wild

Shame On Shanna (1989)

Candy Girls No.153 - Nympho Nookie

Hawaii Vice (1988)

American Dream Girls (1987)

Collection Film No.78 - The Pretty Red Muff

Lusty Ladies No.328 - Cookie’s Two-Way Treat

Pleasure Production No.2114 - A Private Audition

Fantasy Club No.7 - Savage Lover

Lusty Ladies No.318 - Craig's Double Dream

Golden Girls No.198 - Ball Breaker

Golden Girls No.148 - Promise Her Anything

Golden Girls No.146 - One For The Road

Golden Girls No.133 - Really Hard

Golden Girls No.122 - Strut Her Stuff

Golden Girls No.114 - Helpful Sussie

Golden Girls No.85 - Summer Loves It

Ribu Aristokrat 69 - Geil Und Unersättlich

Golden Girls No.75 - Love Letters

Golden Girls No.67 - Kittens Cookin

Golden Girls No.47 - Big Find

Golden Girls No.44 - Shower Power

Golden Girls No.34 - Funbathing

Golden Girls No.32 - Cry Uncle

Golden Girls No.19 - Dining In

Golden Girls No.12 - The Service Man