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A few words about Inger: Her real name is Jannie Nielson, a blond Danish porno model who during the seventies appeared in magazines, 8mm hardcore sex loops and in a couple of feature films. Her appearances in hardcore 8mm sex films date back to 1978 for companies like Color Climax Corporation or Filmlaboratoriet.

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Inger films list posted on Myclasic.
Rodox Video Programme 363

Color Climax Programm 302

SexOrgy Film No.259

Exciting Video Programme 503

Exciting Video Programme 517

Color Climax Film No.1417 - Sweet Memories

Color Climax Film No.1337 - Naked Lunch

Super Sex Film No.12 - Dildo Orgy

Sexorama Film No.819 - Naughty Girls

Master Film No.1791 - Anal Orgasm

Master Film No.1660 - Perverse Liza

Swedish Erotica 244 - Homecoming

Super Sex Film No.8 - Black and White

Teenagers 4

Teenagers 2

Danish Schoolgirls 1 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 3 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 4 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 5 (1970)

Sexorama Film No.801 - Fuck Me Hard

Color Climax Film No.1345 – A Taste of piss

Allegro Film No.4 - Trio Sex

Diplomat Film No.1042 - Mulatto Lust

Swedish Erotica 261 - Hot Dogs

Swedish Erotica 178 - Naked Lunch

Beauty Film No.1426 - Tight Cunts

SexOrgy Film No.248 (1981)

Teenage Sex Film No.705 - Greedy Girls