Dominique Saint Claire

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A few words about Dominique Saint Claire: She was born in 1955, is a French pornographic actress who has turned mainly between 1973 and 1990. Despite a (quite rare in this activity) long career 17 years she has never achieved to be a top one.

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Ribu Video 309 - Sweet Young Girls (1982)

Vacances SexuellesSechs Schwedinnen auf Ibiza (1981)

Blue Climax Video 454 - Playboy Pleasure

Pensionat heissblutiger Teens (1979)

Ribu Aristokrat 47 - Sexhungrige Isabell

Love Film No.711 - Hot Girls

Blue Erotik Movie 4

Blue Erotik Movie 3

Blue Erotik Movie 2

Blue Erotik Movie 1

Sweet Tits In Orgy (1982)

Le Retour Des Veuves (1979)

Heiber Sex Auf Ibiza (1982)

Ribu Aristokrat 73 - Abhängig und Verführerisch

Ribu Aristokrat 71 - Hausmädchenreport

Love Film No.716 - Die Große Schwarze Mit Dem Spitzen Schuh

Ribu Satisfaction 202 - Das Internat

Ribu Exzess 107 - Dolly’s Sex-Orgie Teil 2

Ribu Exzess 106 - Dolly’s Sex-Orgie Teil 1

Ribu Exzess 105 - Radio Sex Station