A few words about Christa: Her real name is Kirsten, she is a danish blond/red porno model who during the seventies starring for companies like Color Climax and Filmlaboratoriet. She appeared in magazines and 8mm hardcore sex loops. Her appearances in hardcore 8mm sex films date back to early 1970s to middle.
When she stopped with porn scene she opened a hairsaloon. She was hired / educated in Denmark town Aarhus.

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Teenage Climax Video 404

Teenage Sex Film No.725 - Four Fresh Fuckers

Danish Schoolgirls 2 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 3 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 4 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 5 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 6 (1970)

Teenage Climax Video 413

Danish Climax 10 - Brother & Sister

Teenage Sex Video 782

Teenage Sex Video 780

Color Climax - Teenage Bestsellers 251

Teenage Climax Film No.1515 - Love Machine

Teenage Climax Film No.1505 - Masturbation

Teenage Climax Film No.1512 - Special

Teenage Climax Film No.1511 - Strip Poker

Teenage Climax Film No.1501 - After Schooltime

Swedish Teenage Girls Film No.8 - Sweet Cunt

Color Climax Film No.1435 - Disco Gang-Bang

Teenage Climax Film No.1509 - Group Sex

Teenage Climax Film No.1508 - Climax

Teenage Climax Film No.1518 - Sweet Fifteen

Teenage Climax Film No.1517 - Love Machine 2