Anita Berglund

Anita Berglund Anita-berglund

A few words about Anita Berglund: She is a Swedish porno model who during the seventies appeared in magazines, 8mm hardcore sex loops and in a couple of feature films. Her appearances in hardcore 8mm sex films date back to at least 1976 to 1978 for companies like Color Climax Corporation or Filmlaboratoriet.

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Anita Berglund films list posted on Myclasic.
Master Film No.1742 - Teen-Ager Climax

Color Climax Film No.1407 - Teenage Fantasies

Teenagers 4

Danish Schoolgirls 2 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 3 (1970)

Danish Schoolgirls 6 (1970)

Rosita - The Commercial Traveller

Color Climax Film No.1411 - High School Party

Color Climax Film No.1368 - Birthday Surprise

Pussycat Video No.151

Master Film No.1747 - Teenager Sex

Rodox Video Programme 362

Climax of Copenhagen 1405 - Lesbian Sexplay

CD-Film No.2001 - Im Club der Orgien, Teil 1

Rodox Video Programme 353

Exciting Video Programme 501

Lasse Braun Film No.353 - Burning Cunt

Beauty Film No.2430 - Black Service

Color Climax Film No.1433 - Winner Fucks All

Danish Hardcore 114

Swedish Erotica 24 - Fantasies

Danish Hardcore 105

Master Film No.1780 - Wild Girls

Master Film No.1753 - Anita's Orgasm

Master Film No.1736 - Lesbian Sexplay

Playboy Film No.1742 - Teen-ager Climax

Master Film No.1716 - Anita's Picnic

Master Film No.1713 - Anita's Climax

Playboy Film No.1716 - Anita’s Picnic

Teenagers 1

Playboy Film No.1713 - Anita’s Climax

Diplomat Film No.1032 - Golden Girls

Rodox Film No.684 - Lesbian Affair

Sylvia Sex Und Schonheit No.1 - Clinicum Erotika