Ribu Aristokrat 42 – Die Orgie

Die Orgie

Die Orgie. Ribu Film. Aristokrat series. Special-Hardcore. 120m Super 8 Color. Footage from Sweet Young Girls (1982). Germany published. Classic, 8mm Film, Beautiful Girls, Group Sex, Nympho, Orgy, Hardcore Sex. With audio.


Ribu Aristokrat 38 – Liebe, Lust und Laster

Liebe, Lust und Laster 1

Liebe, Lust und Laster. Ribu Film. Ribu Aristokrat. Love, Lust and Vice. Special-Hardcore. 120m Super 8 Color. Germany, 1979. Part of “Ekstasen, Mädchen und Millionen (1979)”. Classic, 8mm Film, Mafia, Outdoor, Pool Sex, Boat, Hardcore. With audio.


Ribu Aristokrat 36 – Entartete Liebe

Entartete Liebe

Entartete Liebe. Ribu Film. Aristokrat 8mm loop series, featuring Barbara Moose, Karin Hofmann and Paola Pasetti. Title is translated as “Degenerate love”. Footage is party of “Ekstasen, Mädchen und Millionen (1979)”. Germany published, 1979. Classic, 8mm Film, Sexy Mature Girls, Maids, Hardcore Sex. With audio.


Sex Obsession 114 – Odeysex


Odeysex. Sex Obsession 114. Super 8. In vivid color. USA produced. Twosome (1f-1m). Classic, 8mm Film, Sexy Mature Girl, Busty, Bedroom Settings, Hot Body, Hairy Pussy, Sexy Ass, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Facial.


DeSade (1994)


DeSade (1994). The line between pleasure and pain is a very thin one. Sin City and director Buck Adams present a deep penetrating look at one of history’s most infamous, shocking, yet strangely sexual characters – the Marquis De Sade, whose erotic passions and sexual preferences changed the world. Set in the present, the legendary Marquis brings his own style of fun and games into the lives of four willing females. As De Sade casts his spell over them, they lose all inhibitions and become his willing followers down the path of the sexually bizarre, to feel pleasure they never dreamed possible.
USA produced. Directed by Buck Adams. Featuring Brittany O’Connell, Holly Body, Melissa Hill, Misty Rain, Rebecca Lord, Alex Sanders, Jon Dough, Tony Martino and Tony Tedeschi. Classic, Feature, Adult, Hardcore Sex.


From Holly with Love (1978)

From Holly with Love

From Holly with Love (1978). USA produced. Directed by Roberta Findlay. Published by Caballero Home Video. Featuring Crystal Sync, Bethanna, Marlene Willoughby, Patty Boyd, Carter Stevens, Jeffrey Hurst, Michael Gaunt, R. Bolla and Tony Perez. Classic, Feature, Adult, Hardcore Sex.


Sexmares (1993)


Sexmares (1993). Don’t let the title fool ya – there’s nothing scary in this one, just scene after scene of dreamy debauchery and gorgeous gals. Luscious Shayla Laveaux hosts this series of erotic vignettes, looking absolutely scrumptious in a babydoll nightie as she reveals her deepest sensual desires. Shayla kicks things off herself, taking on Peter North in a highly athletic, multiple position, stand-up romp that sets a blistering pace for the rest of the flick to keep up with. Melanie Moore turns in one of her most believable and sensual performances in her scene, playing a Victorian-era plantation owner who finds passion in the arms of her black butler Ron Hightower. This outdoor workout is another very effective and arousing scene, and the whole tape maintains a high level of heat from start to finish. Top-notch video and sound work also contribute mightily in making this a solid sexvid.
USA produced, Directed by Paul Norman. Featuring Racquel Darrian, Shayla LaVeaux, Melanie Moore, Debi Diamond, Peter North, Ron Hightower, Jon Dough, Derek Lane and Steve Drake. Classic, Feature, Adult, Hardcore Sex.


Tailgunners (1986)


Tailgunners (1986). A raucous romp that toys with the notion of rear entry romping in a decidedly tongue-in-cheek fashion, this 1985 feature stars sexy Sheena Horne as a woman who’s got a few hang-ups about her sex life with boyfriend Frank James. It seems that Frank’s been suggesting they experiment with oral and anal sex, but Sheena thinks the whole idea is sick. Now it’s up to Sheena’s gal pals to set her straight and show her that there’s plenty to be said for trying new naughty things. Leggy Brittany Stryker relates a torrid tale about the time she took a tumble with a well-built black stud, and her amorous antics show Sheena that back door boffing can be well worth dabbling in. Sumptuous sex kitten Candie Evans shows off her fabulous curves during a heated go-round with her own ebony hunk, and this time Sheena’s bold enough to actually watch them go at it. All of this tail tagging has shown Sheena the lascivious light, and she goes back home and shows Frank the high-powered time of his life. Deliriously daft, with plenty fgorgeous young women and mouthwatering curves, this one’s a wild and woolly flashback to the high-flying 80s.
USA produced, Directed by Charlie Diamond. Wet Video. Featuring Brittany Stryker, Candie Evens, Tiffany Storm, Sheena Horne, Sophia Charm, Frank James, Dan T. Mann, Ray Victory and Steve Powers. Classic, Feature, Adult, Hardcore Sex.


Street Girl Named Desire (1992)

Street Girl Named Desire

Street Girl Named Desire (1992). Despite the clever and somewhat evocative title, this one has absolutely nothing to do with the acclaimed play and movie of a similar name. The filmmakers ran out of inspiration shortly after cooking up the title, so what we end up with within the flick itself is the rather familiar story of hooker Summer Knight. Summer wants to break free of her pimp and set up her own pay-for-play business with gal pal Trixie Tyler. Needless to say, complications ensue. Sexy complications. And while the story is played out, the sex is definitely not. Everyone here goes all out to please, resulting in a surprisingly effective little dose of erotic entertainment. We’re treated to a come-hither quartet of scene, starting with lovely young newcomer Hanaku. She joins Jake Steed in a slam-bang affair that gets the flick off to the right raucous start. Tasty Chrissy Ann is up next, hooking up with Tony Martino in a high-energy romp. Rarely seen strumpet Pearl struts her stuff in the next coupling, taking Cal Jammer on a rip-roaring ride. The finale finds Summer and Trixie celebrating their emancipation by indulging their taste for girl / girl groping. Their lesbian dust-up sends the flick off on a high note. As long as you do not come to this one expecting some sort of take-off on the original ‘Streetcar,’ you will not be disappointed by the sheer sexy sizzle.
USA produced, Directed by August West. Featuring Chrissy Ann, Hanaku, Pearl, Summer Knight, Cal Jammer, Trixie Tyler, Tony Martino and Jake Steed. Classic, Feature, Adult, Hardcore Sex.


Sylvia Sex Und Schonheit No.9 – Shaving Orgy

Shaving Orgy

Shaving Orgy. Sylvia Sex Und Schonheit 8mm hardcore sex film, featuring Dolores. Germany published. Classic, 8mm Film, Threesome Sex, Interracial, Legal Teens, Sexy Girls, Skinny, Bedroom Settings, Hardcore Sex.


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