Notes and Suggestions

Some Notes and Suggestions that could help browsing our website:

  • To have a high quality view, we recommend you to play the film with the original size, if you increase the size of the video, a poor quality may occur. For example if you run a video with 640 x 480 resolution in a full HD, the clip will have a poor quality.

  • There might be films with no audio, information about are listed in the post.

  • The password is “” for any .rar with password on our website.

  • You can’t open the film? have no sound? can’t render the file? You should check if your media player have all the codecs required.

  • We do our best to keep a good quality in our posts, all the films and magazines posted on the website are tested before they are published, also we have specified in the post if a film has no sound, has any issues or have a poor video quality (there are some posts to be updated).