Update» 22.December.2018

  • 8mm film index added
  • Magazine index added
  • Pornstar index added
  • Videos and VHS index added
  • Website category links structure have been updated
  • Top navigation menu that displays random posts with thumbnails will stay, instead when new posts are made or old content is updated the first copy of the poster will be uploaded in a smaller size and the screenshots section will have the original poster.

    This way, when navigating the website the navigation menu will display the thumbnails in a smaller size and the website will load faster.

Update» 28.November.2018

Update» 16.November.2018

  • You can search over single criterias like loops, magazine, movies or over the whole website, pages also should show in search results now.
  • Post rating has been added.
  • More improvements over the website design.

Update» 28.October.2018

  • Golden Girls index has been updated.
  • Pornstar profiles got reworked, old one had trouble loading multiple films per performer.

Update» 04.October.2018

  • New uploaded files will not be archived anymore before upload, title shortcuts will be used to name the file.
  • Site log updates will be displayed on the news page again.
  • Shortcuts and Terms page has been updated.
  • HELP page has been updated.
  • Key Mar Productions has been added to A-Z index.

Update» 29.September.2018