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  • Playbox has been added to A-Z index.

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  • Exotic has been added to A-Z index.

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  • Rainbow has been added to A-Z index.

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  • Angel has been added to A-Z index.
  • Showtime has been added to A-Z index.

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Update» 30.December.2014

    Myclasic team wish you a Happy New Year.

Update» 11.December.2014

  • Viva has been added to A-Z index.

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Update» 16.October.2014

  • Myclasic magazines has been added as a subdomain to our website.
  • New posts with classic magazine will be released there, using Novafile as filehost.
  • All shares with Magazines from our website will be redirected there.
  • Busen has been added to A-Z index.

Update» 11.October.2014

Update» 09.October.2014

Update» 28.September.2014

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Update» 01.September.2014

  • NovaFile is our main filehost.
  • Due to many problems which Keep2share had over time we decided to leave them. We stoped sharing for about a week ago. Keep2share has shown a poor download speed in the last couple of months.
  • All keep2share links will be replaced with NovaFile links soon as we can. The process has started and we expect to be finished at the end of the week.

Update» 18.August.2014

  • Myclasic movies has been added as a subdomain to our website.
  • New posts with classic hardcore and softcore movies will be released there, using Novafile as filehost.
  • All Classic Movies from our website will be redirected there.
  • In the near future a Magazine subdomain will be added.
  • We wish you happy downloading.

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Update» 11.August.2014

Update» 09.August.2014

Update» 04.August.2014

Update» 03.August.2014

Update» 31.July.2014

Update» 31.July.2014

Update» 29.July.2014

  • I have a good news for you guys. We solved the issue about files beeing deleted on keep2share. I’ve just had a talk with a representant of keep2share team and the issue has been solved.
  • New posts will be with keep2share links.

Update» 28.July.2014

Update» 18.July.2014

Update» 16.July.2014

Update» 10.July.2014

  • has been added as second filehost.
  • From today all 8mm films will be shared on two mirrors. Every day we losing files, beeing deleted from servers, so we chose to add a second filehost.
  • All the dead files will be reuploaded to
  • Some series which right now has many deleted links, also will be reuploaded to

Update» 09.July.2014

Update» 08.July.2014

  • Due to high amount of deleted files Color Climax 8mm films will be moved to
  • Avis Film has been added to A-Z index.

Update» 03.July.2014

Update» 02.July.2014

Update» 01.July.2014

Update» 28.June.2014

Update» 25.June.2014

Update» 22.June.2014

Update» 20.June.2014

Update» 19.June.2014

  • Rosebud has been added to A-Z index.

Update» 13.June.2014

Update» 07.June.2014

Update» 03.June.2014

Update» 29.May.2014

Update» 28.May.2014

Update» 27.May.2014

  • 8mm Pack Directory has been added to our Main categories.
  • We do own many 8mm films without front and back cover which are not available yet on our website, so we decided to release them in packs.
  • Every pack will be in a continuous update. If cover is found, the clip will be moved into a new post and removed from the pack list. If new finds without cover shows up, will be added to the pack.
  • All the updates which will be made over any pack will be mention here, in the News section.

Update» 26.May.2014

Update» 25.May.2014

Update» 24.May.2014

Update» 20.May.2014

Update» 19.May.2014

Update» 17.May.2014

Update» 14.May.2014

Update» 13.May.2014

  • Actor / Actress Profile has been added to the right sidebar. Will be updated over time with more names.
  • When you mouse-over on any Actor/ Actress names, the profile image will show up. It’s a work in progress, so there are some models which need to be updated. Update will be over in a few days.

Update» 08.May.2014

Update» 05.May.2014

Update» 02.May.2014

Update» 01.May.2014

Update» 30.April.2014

  • Below is a list of Color Climax Corporation series indexes which are up to date.

Color Climax Corporation labels / series updates.

Update» 19.April.2014

  • A brief summary of what we did since the website has been deleted.
  • We manually posted a huge amount of content, about 1500 8mm films plus almost 300 movies. More to come over the next days.
  • Actor / Actress Directory. Has been added a few top pornstars. List will be improved over time with more names.
  • 8mm Film Indexes. There are still a few which needs to be updated, but main categories almost has been finished.
  • Below is a list of series which are up to date.

Color Climax Corporation labels / series updates.

Erotica Production labels / series updates.

Filmlaboratoriet labels / series updates.

Update» 12.April.2014

Update» 10.April.2014

Update» 06.April.2014

Update» 04.April.2014

Update» 02.April.2014

  • We are back now, sadly we lost our database durring the move to a new server. We couldn’t recover any back-up and all the website has been lost. We rebuild it fast, but there are missing huge amount of posts. There are almost 3000 8mm films which needs to be posted again. Files are still stored on Keep2share, and in the next few days will be available for download.
  • Website has been rebuild to the same old design in a record time, also we start posting 8mm films. This process should go smothly because we have a back-up of all the 8mm films. We expect in a week to share all the archives (almost 3000 8mm films).
  • Magazines and Hardcore full lentgh movies will be next.
  • I’m able to answer to all of your questions via contact form. Requests and dead links will be stored in the mail archive till we finish the website updates.
  • All 8mm film Indexes will be updated over time.
  • If you face any errors/bugs durring your stay, contact us at
  • I’m really sory about what happened, HDD was formated by mistake.
  • I’ll do my best to bring the site back to what it was. I spent these days working like crazy and i still do it, there will be made over 200/300 posts per day.
  • What can I say… Come back latter and review the old 8mm films which was shared in the past, maybe you missed some.