Swedish Classics


Swedish Classics

Swedish Classics 8mm hardcore loop series. US filmed and published. Connections with Swedish Erotica series. Note: there is (at least) one other Swedish Classics series brought on the market by `Erotica Productions Leerdam Holland`, it is as far as i know untitled and re-publishes some Swedish Erotica loops.
This index is a work in progress. Additions and Corrections are welcome. Index will be updated with new finds.

Swedish Classics Index

  • Swedish Classics 8mm films:
No1 Title Starring Year Download
101 Kiss and Make it Better Sharon Kane, Blair Harris Not Available
102 Friend in Need f, m, m Not Available
103 On Call Laurie Smith, Mike Ranger Download
104 Friendly Neighbors f, R.J. Reynolds Download
105 Hard Sell f, David Morris Not Available
106 Wrong Number Kandi Barbour, Paul Thomas Download
107 Door to Door f, David Morris Not Available
108 Gettin’ Hot! f, m Not Available
109 Very Private Secretary Dorothy LeMay, Paul Thomas Not Available
110 Blueprint for Action f, m Download
111 In at the Inn Brooke West, Billy Dee Download
112 Champagne Playboy Lysa Thatcher, f, Mike Ranger Not Available
113 Play Ball Phaedra Grant, Michael Morrison Not Available
114 Chinese Connection f, m Not Available
115 Home Cooking Sarah Harris, Aaron Stuart Download
116 Time to Get Up Simona Wing, m Download
117 Romeo and Juliet Kitty Shayne, David Morris Download
118 South of the Border Sue Nero, m Not Available
119 The Comforts of Home Simona Wing, Aaron Stuart Download
120 A Hard Racket f, Billy Dee Download
121 Instant Sex Sue Nero, Mike Ranger Not Available
122 Caught in the Act f, m Download
123 Her Wicked Imagination f, f, m Download
124 The Cheerleader Laurien Dominique, Mike Ranger Not Available
125 Sizzling Stewardess John Stagliano, Seka Not Available
126 Big Scoring Renee LaPaz, m Not Available
127 Surprise Package f, m Not Available
128 Hot Jaccuzzi Hillary Summers, Kevin James Not Available
129 Let the Sunshine In f, m Not Available
130 On the Sly Nicole Black, Mike Eyke Not Available
131 Strip Tease f, m Not Available
132 Warm Welcome f, Kevin James Not Available
133 Dive Right In f, Mike Ranger Not Available
134 Dirty Dishes f, m Download
135 Shower Power Renee LaPaz, Mike Eyke Not Available
136 Bad Girls Jennifer West, Seka Not Available

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Not Available = the film is not available yet on our website.
Banned Title = content which is banned on our website.