Suze’s Centerfolds

Suze's centerfold

Suze’s Centerfolds

Suze’s Centerfolds hardcore sex 8mm loop series by Suze Randall. USA filmed and published from 1979 up to early/middle of eighties. Early series formed by eight titles are solo girls masturbating called “Single Naughty Girls (SN)”, late (SC) series have multiple cast. Related to Hustler Magazine. Latter on the loops has been published on video tape cassette.
A work in progress. Index will be updated with new finds. Corrections are welcome.

Suze’s Centerfolds index

  • Suze’s Centerfolds early series:
No1 Title Starring Year Download
1 Chrissy Misty Knight Download
2 Tali f Download
3 Inga f Download
4 Beauty Shawn Carney Download
5 Debi Sue f Download
6 Debbie f Download
7 Celeste f Download
8 Robyn Crystal Dawn Download
  • Suze’s Centerfolds late series:
No1 Title Starring Year Download
9 Robyn and Suzette Crystal Dawn, f Download
10 The Master and the Maid Laurie Smith, Johnny Hardin Download
11 The Plumber and the Housewifee Terry Pepper (Terry Galko), Bud Wise Download
12 The Red Room Renee LaPaz, Johnny Hardin Download
13 What Kind of Girls YouAre? Dana Dennis, Terry Pepper, Bud Wise Download
14 Game Time Piper Smith, Randy West Download
15 Jacuzzi Jets Renee LaPaz, Kevin James Download
16 Blonde in Blonde Cody Nicole, m Download
17 FM Groupie Tipy Rocks Download
18 Beverly Hills Bitch Loni Sanders, Mike Ranger Download
19 Come Shot Dana Dennis, m Download
20 She Can’t Wait Becky Savage, m Not Available
21 Double Delight Connie Peterson, R.J. Reynolds, m Download
22 Amber Suzannah Britton, Kevin James Not Available
23 Lust in the Library Bridgette Monet, David Cannon Download
24 Champagne Breakfast Jane Sikes, Paul Thomas, R.J. Reynolds Download
25 The Wet Dream f, Ron Jeremy Not Available
26 She came from Outer Space Danielle Martine, Blake Palmer Download
27 Females on Fire Bridgette Monet, Jane Sikes, David Cannon Download
28 Strip Poker Arcadia Lake, Jacqueline, E. Edwards Download
29 The Butler’s Lady Jane Sikes, m Download
30 Princess of Passion Cara Lott, Kelly Nichols Download
31 Sperm and Eggs Terry Pepper, Eric Edwards Download
32 French Lesson K.C. Valentine, Kevin James Download
33 The Divorcee Copper Penny, Paul Thomas Download
34 Suite 69 Linda Shaw, Paul Thomas Download
35 Leather Lovers Terry Pepper, Kevin James, Steve Douglas Download
36 Maid to Measure Tamara Longley, Paul Thomas Download
37 Blonde In Bondage Cara Lott, Johnny Hardin Download
38 Not Available
39 Centerfold Love Shauna Grant, Jerry Butler Download
40 Twice is Not Enough f, Eric Edwards Download
41 Peeping Tom Sharon Mitchell, f, m Download

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