Stars of Sex

Stars of sex

Stars of Sex

Stars of Sex, The Stars of Sex 8m loop label, series. Also published `Risqué, Risqué Film, Risqué Films`. US filmed and published. Hardcore sex.
This index is a work in progress. Additions and Corrections are welcome. Index will be updated with new finds.

Stars of Sex index

  • The Stars of Sex 8mm films:
No1 Title Starring Year Download
1 Star Studded Trio Jean Jennings, Tina Russell, Marc Stevens Download
2 Fucking Sandwich Terri Hall, Marc Stevens, m Download
3 Golden Shower Jean Jennings, m Not Available
4 Rape Terri Hall, m Not Available
5 Candy Pants Suzanne McBain, f, John Leslie Download
6 Cunt to Cunt Tina Russell, Jean Jennings Download
7 Shave and a Blow-Job Jean Jennings, Marc Stevens Download
8 Passionate Innocence! Jean Jennings, Ashley Moore Not Available
9 Asshole Lust! Suzanne McBain, John Leslie Not Available
10 Cunt/Ass Connection! Vanessa Del Rio, Bobby Astyr, John Leslie Not Available
11 Suburban Kink! Terri Hall, Marc Stevens Download
12 Painful Threesome! Jenny Baxter, Tina Russell, John Leslie Download
13 Anal Blood! f, Marc Stevens, m Not Available
14 The Ravaging Mob! AJean Jennings, Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens Not Available
15 Super Lesbian Sex! Jean Jennings, Terri Hall Not Available
16 Innocent Seduction Desiree West, Not Available
17 Pussy Hump Suzanne McBain, Veri Knotty Download
18 Bonus Bang Juliet Anderson, John Leslie, Ken Scudder Download
19 Not Available
20 Virgin Dyke Juliet Anderson, John Seeman Not Available
21 Rabbit Test Serena, m Not Available
22 Not Available
23 Not Available
24 Hot Tub Serena, Jamie Gillis Not Available
25 Motherly Instinct Joey Silvera, Ellyn Grant Download
26 Hot Cherries Abigail Clayton, Misty Dawn, m Not Available
27 Bedtime Story Vanessa Del Rio, m Not Available
28 Sperm Bank Merle Michaels, f, Hershel Savage Not Available
29 Geisha Girl Fantasy Ming Jade, Rick Lutze Not Available
30 Anal Virgin Cara Lott, John Leslie Download
31 Oriental Dream f, f, Tyler Reynolds Not Available

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