Showgirl Superstars


Showgirl Superstars

Showgirl Superstars, Showgirl 8mm hardcore sex film series. USA filmed and published around middle seventies up to early eighties. Early series was published with logo which we used on top, later on was changed.
Index will be updated with new finds. Adition and corrections are welcome.

Showgirl, Showgirl Superstars index

  • Showgirl Superstars 8mm films:
No1 Title Starring Year Download
100 Vanessa’s Checkup Lesllie Bovee, Vanessa del Rio Download
101 Cockteasing Anal Candida Royalle, Robin Byrd, Ron Hudd Download
102 Caught in the Act Marlene Willoughby, Merle Michaels, m Download
103 Anal Party Samantha Fox, Vanessa del Rio Download
104 The Lucky Patient Lesllie Bovee, Vanessa del Rio Download
105 Three-Star Love Merle Michaels, Samantha, Vanessa del Rio Download
106 Anal Queen Crystal Dawn, Michael Morrison Not Available
107 Serena at Work Serena, f, m, m Not Available
108 Ecstasy Girls Tawny Pearl, f, Hershel Savage Download
109 Screaming Pussy f, Jesse Adams Not Available
110 Housewives in Heat Bonnie Holiday, (Korean) Mira, Jon Martin Download
111 Hot Ass Crystal Dawn, Lysa Tatcher Download
112 A Date with Vanessa Vanessa del Rio, George Payne Not Available
113 Kinky Lips Holly McCall, Veri Knotty, R.J. Reynolds Not Available
114 Juicy Asses Eileen Wells, Simona Wing, m Not Available
115 Serena’s Anal Lust Serena, m Not Available
116 Operation Lust Merle Michaels, George Payne, R. Bolla, m Not Available
117 Vanessa Does Debbie Crystal Dawn, Vanessa del Rio Download
118 Anal Sexpot Sophia Solana, Blair Harris, m Download
119 Lady Love Holly McCall, Jane Lindsay Not Available
120 Three-Way Passions Tawny Pearl, f, Paul Thomas Download
121 Thunderhole Cummer Vanessa del Rio, f, George Payne Download
122 Black on Black Desiree West, Mick Jones Download
123 Do Me Next! Laura Lazare, f, Hershel Savages Not Available
124 Icing on My Cake Sonya Summers, Jesse Adams Not Available
125 Schoolgirl Reamer Crystal Dawn, m Not Available
126 Fever Pitch Vanessa del Rio, George Payne Not Available
127 The Loser Wins! Kitty Shayne, Johnathon Younger Download
128 Come Fuck Me Laura Lazare, Mike Horner, Michael Morrison Not Available
129 From Cock to Cock Leslie Bovee, Mike Horner Download
130 3 Way Asshole Love Holly McCall, Lysa Tatcher, ms Download
131 Heavy Load Jayne Pagan, m Not Available
132 Lapping Lovers Cris Cassidy, Lesllie Bovee Download
133 Let’s Play Nurse Samantha Fox, George Payne Not Available
134 Sisters in Heat Not Available
135 Lick Me Clean Not Available
136 Stretch Me! Phaedre Grant, Hershel Savage Download
137 Not Available
138 Not Available
139 Take Me! Take Me! f, George Payne, Ron Jeremy Not Available
140 Tune-Up Time f, m Not Available
141 Two-Hole Cummer Simona Wing, Jesse Adams Download
142 Three-Finger Fuck Not Available
143 Two Cocks are Better! Crystal Dawn, Blair Harris Download
144 Slow & Sensuous f, Jon Martin Download
145 Anal Love Not Available
146 Not Available
147 Pussy Love Arcadia Lake, Tina Blair Download
148 Ass Swapping Crystal Dawn, Lynx Canon, Hershel Savage Download
149 Fingering Foxes Little Oral Annie, f Download
150 Lap It Up Tigr, Mike Horner Not Available
151 Girlfriends f, f Not Available
152 Private Poses Drea, m Download
153 Tit to Clit Angel Cash and Oral Annie Download
154 Buggered Bashes Vanessa del Rio, Patty Boyd, m Not Available
155 Hot Lez Love f, f Not Available
156 Sit on It Not Available
157 Hot Pussy Marlene Willoughby, R.J. Reynolds, m Download
158 Not Available
159 Not Available
160 Frenzy Chrissie Beauchamp, Steve Douglas Download
161 Not Available
162 Dildo Demons f, f Not Available
163 Lustful Beauties Bridgette Monet, f, David Cannon Not Available
164 The Butler Did It Mimi Morgan, Mike Horner, m Download
165 Not Available
166 From Ass to Ass Crystal Dawn, Lynx Canon and Joey Silvera Download
167 Not Available
168 Cum Drinkers f, f, f Download
169 Close-Up Orgy f, David Morris, m Not Available
170 Bang My Butt Gina Martell, Frank James Not Available
171 Not Available
172 Not Available
173 Not Available
174 Blonde Sandwich Crystal Dawn, Billy Dee, Herschel Savage Download
175 Hot Buttered Buns f, f, Joey Silvera Download
176 Horny Nurses f, f, m, m Download
177 Wild Thing f, Herschel Savage Not Available
178 Laurien on Top Laurien Dominique, m Not Available
179 Sweet Suckers Tammy (Bambi, Bambi Lee), Terry Pepper, m Download
180 Two-Headed Fuck Marlene Willoughby, f Download
181 African Queen f, Tommy LaRock Download
182 Cum in Her Pants Merle Michaels, Ron Hudd, Russ Carlson Download
183 Red Hot (title used twice) f, Turk Lyon Not Available
184 Not Available
185 Buggered Blonde Candice Stewart, Craig Roberts Download
186 Cramming f, Tom Byron Not Available
187 Fill Her Up f, m Not Available
188 Hole Lotta Shakin f, Marc Wallice Not Available
189 Three Frenzied Fuckers Lisa Medow, f, m Not Available
190 Anal Interlewd Cara Lott, f, m Download
191 Not Available
192 Fill My Face Inez Acker, Steve Douglas Download
193 Cock Hungry Not Available
194 Jump On It Tiffany Clark, m Not Available
195 Fuck My Ass Not Available
196 Not Available
197 Not Available
198 Hot Little Redhead Download
199 Sexual Trio f, f, Harry Reems Download
200 Black Ass Fucker f, f, Johnathon Younger Download
201 Not Available
202 Four on Fire f, f, Joey Silvera, John Leslie Download
203 Bad Blondes Nancy Hoffman, f, m Download
204 Tiny Tornadoes Paula Wain, f, Jon Martin Not Available
205 School’s Out Candida Royalle, Jayne Pagan, Ray Wells Download
206 Splattered Faces Paula Wain, f, John Leslie Download
207 Tigers by the Tail Eileen, Chris, David Download
208 Lollypopper Nancy Hoffman, m Download
209 Cat in Heat Nicole Black, Kevin James Download
210 Equal Opportunities Orgy Marie Sharp, Johnathon Younger Not Available
211 Pink Hot f, Blair Harris Download
212 Double Dicker Nancy Hoffman, Phaery I. Burd, Paul Thomas Download
213 Not Available
214 Red Hot (title used twice) f, m, m Not Available
215 She loves Jism Cara Lott, m Not Available
216 Her Mouth Overflows Lisa Medow, m Not Available
217 Not Available
218 Stud Ass Fucker Chris Cassidy, Lisa Sue Cory, m Download
219 Not Available
220 Thirsty Beauties Becky Savage, Sylvia Benedict, Frank James Download
221 Twat to Twat Lisa Medow Not Available
222 Cat-Scratch Fever f, Tom Byron Download
223 Pussy Pressure f, f Not Available
224 Red All Over f, m Download
225 Two on a Big Stick Becky Savage, Crystal Lake, Frank James Not Available
226 Amazon Queen Cody Nicole, m Download
227 Double Donging f, Marc Wallice, m Not Available
228 Mouth to Mouth Not Available
229 Not Available
230 Fuck My Mouth f, f Download
231 Ivory and Ebony f, m Not Available
232 Brass Bed Blonde Cody Nicole, Frank James Download
233 Double-Dicked f, Eric Edwards, Marc Wallice Not Available
234 Her Perfect Ass f, m Download
235 Bitch in Heat Laurie Smith Download
236 Not Available
237 Not Available
238 A New Way f, m Download
239 Italian Volcano f, Jesse Adams Not Available
240 Steaming Sisters Not Available
241 Tiger Tail Cody Nicole, Eric Edwards Download
242 Big 10 Not Available
243 French Frills Laurie Smith, m Not Available
244 Ass End Up f, Frank James Download
245 Wide Open Download
246 White Wanton Not Available
247 Latin Lezzies f, Not Available
248 Not Available
249 Hanging Heavy Misty Regan, Marc Wallice Download
250 Not Available
251 Deluge f, Not Available
252 Master of Asses f, Jamie Gillis Download
253 Becky Big Tits f, Not Available
254 Anal Virgin f, Marc Wallice Download
255 Not Available
256 Rock Me f, m Download
257 Great Ass f, Hershel Savage Not Available
258 Not Available
259 Young Lust Renee Summers, Blake Palmer Download
260 Double Pleasure Desiree Vincent, Blake Palmer Download

Linked Title = the link leads to the specified title.
Not Available = the film is not available yet on our website.
Banned Title = content which is banned on our website.