San Francisco


San Francisco

San Francisco, San Francisco series. 8mm hardcore sex films, USA filmed and published around middle/late seventies. There are two series: ‘SF-100’, ‘SF-200’ or ‘San Francisco Original 200’.
Beacuase lack of knowledgeonly only first serie is listed in the index ‘SF-100’.
Index will be updated with new finds. Adition and corrections are welcome.

San Francisco index

  • SF-100 8mm films:
No1 Title Starring Year Download
SF-101 Coffee Break f, R.J. Reynolds, Tommy LaRock Not Available
SF-102 Wet Day-Dream Tawny Pearl, f, m Not Available
SF-103 Reluctant Virgin Part I f, m Not Available
SF-104 Reluctant Virgin Part II f, m Download
SF-105 Big Dick Postman f, m Not Available
SF-106 French Pussy Tawny Pearl, R.J. Reynolds, Tommy LaRock Download
SF-107 The Rich Bitch f, m Not Available
SF-108 Lezzie Virgins Connie Peterson, Tawny Pearl Not Available
SF-109 Union Boss Terry Pepper, Ken Starbuck Download
SF-110 After-Hours f, f, m Not Available
SF-111 Tina’s First Time Part I f, R.J. Reynolds, m, m Not Available
SF-112 Tina’s First Time Part II f, R.J. Reynolds, m, m Not Available
SF-113 Double Entry f, m, m Download
SF-114 The Dues Collector f, f, Ken Starbuck Not Available
SF-115 Debbie’s Red Nightie f, m Download
SF-116 Sally’s Triple Cum Jennifer West, Ken Starbuck Download
SF-117 Lez Ass Lickers f, f Not Available
SF-118 Three Hole Bang Part I Crystal Dawn, Ken Starbuck Download
SF-119 Three Hole Bang Part II Crystal Dawn, Ken Starbuck, m Not Available
SF-120 Anal Tongue Fuck f, m Not Available
SF-121 Coffee & Cum f, m Not Available
SF-122 French Tease f, David Morris, m Not Available
SF-123 Lingerie Bang f, m Not Available
SF-124 The Dressing Room f, f, f Download
SF-125 Double Date f, f, R.J. Reynolds Download
SF-126 Momma’s Boy f, m Not Available
SF-127 Aunt Shirley f, f Not Available
SF-128 Anal Dildo f, m Download
SF-129 Debbie Fucks `The Man` f, m Not Available
SF-130 Candy Up the Ass f, R.J. Reynolds Not Available
SF-131 French Treat / Sex Pot f, m Not Available
SF-132 Cherry Pickin’ Download
SF-133 Slick Slit f, R.J. Reynolds Not Available
SF-134 Cherry Cums Lez Download
SF-135 Finger bangers f, f Not Available
SF-136 Sunrise Service Crystal Dawn, R.J. Reynolds Download
SF-137 Love Spree f, Kevin James Not Available
SF-138 Not Available
SF-139 Not Available
SF-140 3-Way Sappho f, f, f Not Available

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Not Available = the film is not available yet on our website.
Banned Title = content which is banned on our website.