Limited Edition

limited edition

Limited Edition

Limited Edition hardcore 8mm sex film series. USA filmed and published, around middle seventies to early eighties. Second series, also published by Limited Edition “1000 series”. These are longer film length, circa 42 meter.
This index is a work in progress. Additions and Corrections are welcome. Index will be updated with new finds.

Limited Edition index

  • Limited Edition 8mm films:
No1 Title Starring Year Download
1 Trucker’s Plaything Tina Louise, Mike Ranger, R.J. Reynolds Download
2 Big Black Machine Kitty Shayne, Johnny Keyes Download
3 Aftershool Stud Juliet Anderson, Michael Morrison Download
4 Hot Tub Club f, Mike Horner, Ken Scudder Download
5 Georgina’s Debut Georgina Spelvin, Jesse Adams Download
6 Servant Girl Erica Havens, Bobby Astyr, R. Bolla Download
7 The Royal Asshole Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards Download
8 Heaven is a Wet Hole Annette Haven, Blair Harris Download
9 Pretty Butt Marlene Munroe, Billy Dee, Don Fernando Download
10 Sex Offender Irene Best, f, R.J. Reynolds Download
11 Desiree’s Dream Desiree West, Mick Jones Not Available
12 The Girls’ Dormitory Connie Peterson, f, Blair Harris Download
13 Jamie’s Willing Student Bethanna, Jamie Gillis Download
14 Young Girl’s Desire Georgette Saunders, Ben Pierce Download
15 Georgina’s Wine Orgy Georgina Spelvin, Mike Ranger Download
16 Virgin Cock Helen Madigan, Dick Howard Download
17 High Fashion Whore f, Jessie Chandler Download
18 Ballin’ Babes f, Randy Allen Not Available
19 Foxy Lady Sandy Pinney, John Seeman Download
20 Lesbian Affair Jennifer West, Sue Nero Download
21 Hot & Creamy Jennifer West, m Download
22 Oriental Bang f, m Download
23 Sixteen Inches of Meat f, Jesse Adams, Turk Lyon Download
24 The Royal Treatment Candida Royalle, Randy Allen Download
25 Johnnie’s Hot Bitch Liza Dwyer, Johnny Keyes Download
26 Tina’s Secret Desire Tina Louise, Mike Ranger Download
27 Screaming Orgasm f, Jesse Adams Download
28 African Pussy f, m Download
29 Pajama Party Aubrey Nichols, Candida Royalle, Sue Nero Download
30 Hot Bananas Maria Tortuga, Sue Nero, Jack Shute Download
30 Hot Bananas (version 2) Maria Tortuga, Sue Nero, Jack Shute Download
31 The House Painter f, Turk Lyon Not Available
32 Butthole Babe f, John Seeman Download
33 Dildo Babes Maria Tortuga, f Not Available
34 Three Hole Lady Lysa Thatcher, Jamie Gillis, Randy Allen Download
35 Nature Nymph Tina Louise, f Download
36 Burning Asshole Lisa de Leeuw, John Seeman Not Available
37 Throbbing Pussies f, f, m Not Available
38 Virgin’s Passion f, Randy Allen Download
39 Crazy Blonde Connie Peterson, Rick Lutze Download
40 Bitchy Mistress Pat Manning, Bill Buck Download
41 The Music Lesson Hillary Summers, f, m Download
42 Fantasy Girl Lysa Thatcher, m Download
43 Tits & Tongues Lisa de Leeuw, f, m Download
44 Hitchhiking Nymph f, Jamie Gillis Not Available
45 Rectum Rippers Connie Peterson, Don Fernando, Rick Lutze Download
46 Young Girls in Love Tawny Pearl, f Not Available
47 Eager to Please Tawny Pearl, Don Fernando Download
48 Party Time f, m Not Available
49 Ass Lickers Lisa de Leeuw, Tawny Pearl, m Download
50 Snake up the Ass Laura Landers, m Download
51 The Pussy & Ass Club Crystal Dawn, Ron Jeremy, Bruce Seven Download
52 44 Inch Lesbians Lisa de Leeuw, Sue Nero Download
53 A-Plus for Sucking f, m Not Available
54 A Hard Ball Sport! Tiffany Clark, John Boland, m Download
55 Elastic Pussy f, m, m Not Available
56 High Priced Asshole Crystal Dawn, m Not Available
57 Tough Chicks Pat Manning, Sue Nero, Bruce Seven Download
58 Greenhouse Gang Bang Donna Wood, Eli Duncan, Rena Cummings Download
59 Romantic Lesbians Jennifer West, f Download
60 Employer Benefits Phaedre Grant, m Download
61 Creamin’ Asshole Rhonda Jo Petty, John Boland Not Available
62 Tennis Prick f, Tyler Reynolds Not Available
63 Rectal Threesome Crystal Dawn, f, m Download
64 Sensitive Asshole f, Ron Jeremy Download
65 Anal Orgy Tiffany Clark, f, Don Fernando Download
66 Virgin Nymph f, Jesse Adams Not Available
67 Seventeen Hard Inches f, Bruce Seven, m Not Available
68 Sixty Nine Plus One Rhonda Jo Petty, f, f Download
69 Butthole Banger Connie Peterson, John Holmes Not Available
70 Fur Pie Special f, Don Fernando Not Available
71 Hard Rider f, Hershel Savage Download
72 Aching Jaws Lisa de Leeuw, John Holmes Download
73 Ballbusting Nymph Tina Louise, Turk Lyon Not Available
74 The French Way f, m (not Leo Lovemore) Not Available
75 Wild Snatch Rhonda Jo Petty, f, m Not Available
76 Two in One f, Hershel Savage, Ray Wells Not Available
77 Hot Trick Phaedre Grant, John Holmes Download
78 Taking Turns f, Hershel Savage, m Not Available
79 Lezzie Passion f, f Download
80 Water Nymph Lisa de Leeuw, John Boland, John Holmes Download
81 Cock & Pussy f, Jane Lindsay, Holly Page Not Available
82 Night Ballers f, John Boland Download
83 Anal Ecstasy Tiffany Clark, Randy Allen Download
84 Three on One! f, Mike Ranger, Randy Allen, Tommy LaRock Download
85 Taste Me f, m Not Available
86 Eat Me Again! f, f Not Available
87 Hot Humper f, Tommy LaRock Download
88 Anal Angel Ashley Welles, Don Fernando, Mike Ranger Download
89 Hot Tongues f, Tommy LaRock Not Available
90 Brandy’s Passion f, Robert Bullock Download
91 Good Bad Girls Simona Wing, f Download
92 Hot Butt Chick Tiffany Clark, Robert Bullock Not Available
93 Cum Bath f, m, m Not Available
94 Snapping Hole f, m Not Available
95 Back Door Baby Ashley Welles, Tommy LaRoc Download
96 Double Cum Tawny Pearl, John Stagliano, m Download
97 Coming Together f, Tommy LaRock Download
98 Double Pleasure f, f, m Not Available
99 Wet and Horny f, Kevin James Not Available
100 Nice and Tight Terry Pepper, m Download
101 Hot Call Girls Hillary Summers,Jayne Paygan Download
102 Show-off Seduction Hillary Summers, Tommy LaRock Not Available
103 Two Hole Chick f, Bruce Seven Download
104 Lezzie Passions f, f Download
105 Two Hole Nymph Tiffany Clark, m Download
106 Never Enough Brandy, Turk Lyon, Kevin James Download
107 Honey Hole Angel, Mike Gold Download
108 Anal Ecstasy Marlene Munroe, m Download
109 Cumming Hard f, m Not Available
110 Oh Doctor! f, Mike Ranger, Ron Jeremy Download
111 Slick and Juicy f, Ron Jeremy Not Available
112 Dildo Babes Maria Tortuga, Tawny Pearl, f Download
113 Come on Me Cris Cassidy, Lynx Canon, m Not Available
114 Back Door Banger Serena, Blair Harris Not Available
115 Take it All Holly McCall, m Download
116 Dildo Strokers Jane Lindsay, Sonya Summers, f Not Available
117 Juicy Holes Simona Wing, Michael Morrison Download
118 Hot Humpers f, Mike Horner Download
119 Tight and Tempting Jayne Paygan, Aaron Stuart Not Available
120 Two in One! f, Mike Horner, m Download
121 Michael’s Dream Bonnie Holiday, Lynx Canon, m Download
122 Hot & Ready! f, f, Blair Harris Not Available
123 Tongues & Fingers Jane Lindsay, Serena Download
124 Take it All! Piper Smith, David Morris Download
125 Cock Mad! f, m Download
126 Cuntmaster Tigr, Lucy Dunn, Peter Russel Download
127 Cumming Hard! Holly McCall, f, Ken Scudder Download
128 Sweet Sensations f, Tommy LaRocks Download
129 Finger Me f, f Download
130 Butthole Banger Kim Barns, Mike Eyke Download
131 Three-Way Orgy Kandi Barbour, f, Kevin James Not Available
132 Bedbusters f, John Stagliano Not Available
133 Sink It! f, Mike Eyke, m Not Available
134 Sweet Music Jayne Paygan, Hershel Savage Not Available
135 Bitches in Heat Raven Turner, f, John Holmes Not Available
136 Try Me! Seka, Alan Adrian Download
137 Fast Comer f, m Not Available
138 Cum Stroker f, m Not Available
139 Fuck Crazy Drea (ID credit Madmac), m Not Available
140 Kitchen Kapers Cris Cassidy, Jerome Deeds Not Available
141 Hot Pink Holes Kandi Barbour, f, f Not Available
142 Sex Games f, f, m Not Available
143 Winner Takes All Hillary Summers, f, Bill Buck Download
144 Stretch Me! Seka, John Holmes Download
145 Dildo Fever Loni Sanders, f Not Available
146 Two-Hole Humper f, Mike Eyke Not Available
147 Back Door Banger f, m Download
148 Marathon Cummers f, f, f Download
149 Fuck Me Harder f, Ron Jeremy Download
150 Beaver Man f, m Not Available
151 Up the Chute! Kathy Harcourt, f, Don Hodges Download
152 Young and Hot f, f Not Available
153 Quick Cummer f, m Not Available
154 Juiced and Ready f, m Not Available
155 Do My Sister f, f, Don Hodges Download
156 Getting Off f, fs Not Available
157 Going Deep f, f, Ron Jeremy Not Available
158 All Nighter Kathy Harcourt, Blake Palmer Download
159 Rectal Romp f, f, Randy Allen Not Available
160 Licking Lezzies f, f Download
161 Cum Queen f, Jeff Conrad Not Available
162 Sweet Honey Hole f, m Not Available
163 Super Suck f, Kevin James Not Available
164 Finger Licking Good f, m Not Available
165 Fooseball Finger Fuck Sue Nero, Crissi Stevens Download
166 Two-Hole Cock Sucker f, m, m Not Available
167 Hard Suck f, m Not Available
168 Two-Way Butt Fuck Crissi Stevens, f, m Download
169 Tangerine f, Randy Allen Not Available
170 Dildo Dykes f, f Download
171 Ass Lickers Delight f, f Download
172 Morning Hard-On f, f, m Not Available
173 Pussy Partners Crissi Stevens, f Not Available
174 Clit Thief f, f, Blake Palmer Download
175 Butt Fucker f, Kevin James Download
176 Black Prick/White Pussy Crissi Stevens, m Download
177 Angel Sandwich Angel Cash, Mike Eyke, m Not Available
178 Good Vibrations f, f Download
179 Deep Asshole f, Kevin James Not Available
180 Young Fuck f, Don Hodges Not Available
181 3-Way Suck Angel Cash, f , Ken Starbuck Download
182 Licked Clean Andrea True, f Not Available
183 Move Me f, f, m Not Available
184 Hot Stuff Jacqueline Lorians, Ray Wells Not Available
185 Eat it While it’s Hot Lily Rodgers, Rose Torres Download
186 Ass Licker’s Delight Angel Cash, Jeff Conrad Not Available
187 Oiled Ass f, Jeff Conrad Not Available
188 Pretty Girl Fuck Jennifer West, f, Frank James Download
189 Hot Cum Tonight f, f, Blake Palmer Download
190 69 Reasons f, m Not Available
191 Hung, Black & Horny f, m Not Available
192 Finger Fucking Good f, m Not Available
193 Hot Dogs on Buns Crystal Dawn, Ron Jeremy, m Not Available
194 Milky Way Times Three f, f, f Not Available
195 Any Way He Can f, Frank James Not Available
196 Ass Mistresses Rose Torres, f, Ray Wells Download
197 Ass Angel’s Delight Angel Cash, m Not Available
198 Three to Get High Hillary Summers, Lily Rodgers, Rose Torres Download
199 Breakfast on Colleen Linda Shaw, Ray Wells Download
200 Salesladies Lily Rodgers, f Not Available
201 Angel’s Ass Creams Angel Cash, Jennifer West, Tommy LaRock Not Available
202 Leather Babe f, m Not Available
203 Milky Dreams 2f, Kim Barns Download
204 Two-Hole Dildo Rhonda Jo Petty, f Download
205 First Date – Back Door f, m Not Available
206 Piano Roll Blues Linda Shaw, f Not Available
207 Shower Head f, f, m Not Available
208 Laundry Day Rose Torres, f Download
209 Not Available
210 Not Available
211 Two Beauties and the Beast f, f, m Not Available
212 Not Available
213 Both Holes Barred Not Available
214 Three of a Kind Becky Savage, f, m Not Available
215 Cool Counter Hot Broad Mona Page, m Download
216 Not Available
217 Not Available
218 Slippery Slopes f, Marc Wallice Download
219 Juicy Joggers Donna Marks and Milissa Morino Download
220 Snatch Match f, m Not Available
221 Ball Backer Tina Davis, David Sanders, Greg Derek Download
221 Ball Backer (version 2) Download
222 Not Available
223 Karate Cumfest Jade Wong and Randy Allen Download
224 Not Available
225 Personal Service Amy Allison, Lisa Lake, Greg Derek Download
226 Pregnant Pussy Not Available
227 Not Available
228 Phone Prone Sylvia Cresant and Scott Kincay Download
230 Pussy Plunger Not Available
  • Limited Edition 1000 series:
No1 Title Starring Year Download
1001 Not Available
1002 Licking Lovers Raven Turner Not Available
1003 Not Available
1004 Anal Threesome Not Available
1005 Three on the Come Rhonda Jo Petty, f, Ron Jeremy Not Available
1006 Not Available
1007 Ass You Like It Not Available
1008 3-Way Tit Cum Not Available

Linked Title = the link leads to the specified title.
Not Available = the film is not available yet on our website.
Banned Title = content which is banned on our website.