Filmlaboratoriet A-S


Filmlaboratoriet A-S

Filmlaboratoriet A-S Copenhagen also known as Filmlab, one of the notorious danish porn company in the seventies. Use to publish magazines and 8mm sex films under several series. Published around late sixties up to late seventies. Known models like Anne Magle, Tiny Tove Jensen, Inger, Christa playing in their series and beeing part of their progression.
They re-releasing and re-branded Playboy Film titles as Master Film publishing on Master Film series continued with new titles. Some of the 8mm loops published as Master Film are righted to Dansk Color Print A-S. Also they use to republish some of their 8mm films into diferent series.

Index of Filmlaboratoriet A-S series:

Index Content
Climax of Copenhagen Climax of Copenhagen
Decameron Films Decameron Films
Die Besten Die Besten
Erotic Perversion Erotic Perversion
Fifteen Fifteen
Master Film Master Film
Pornorama Pornorama
Smuggler Smuggler
Super Sex Super Sex
Swedish Teenage Girls Swedish Teenage Girls
Teenage Climax Teenage Climax

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