Color Climax Corporation

color climax corporation

Color Climax Corporation

Color Climax Corporation 8mm sex film series one of the notorious danish porn company in the seventies, founded and owned by the brothers Jens and Peter Theander. The Color Climax Corporation published magazines and 8mm sex films on the Color Climax label from late sixties, early seventies up to 1984. When in the eighties the 8mm sex film trade went out of business due to arrival of home video Color Climax Corporation made the transfer and re-published several of these films on the VHS, Betamax and Video 2000 video formats.
Color Climax Corporation is known for their series all over the world, they use to trade/publish their 8mm films in USA under “Swedish Erotica” label, and many others small series. Also is known that they published underage content and other sexual fetish films which are ilegal. That films have no place and no listing in our CCC index series.

Index of Color Climax Corporation series:

Index Content
Beauty Film Beauty Film
Blue Climax Blue Climax
Color Climax Color Climax
Color Climax (US) Color Climax (US)
Danish Hardcore Danish Hardcore
Diplomat Diplomat
Exciting Exciting
Expo Film Expo Film
Masturbation Masturbation
Pussycat Pussycat
Rodox Rodox
Sexorama Sexorama
SexOrgy SexOrgy
Teenage Sex Teenage Sex

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