Collection Film


Collection Film

Collection Film 8mm color hardcore sex loop series. US produced and published. European distribution by Intex B.V. Amsterdam. Also distributed by Caballero Control Corporation. Collection Films – All models are 18 or over. Printed and produced in U.S.A.

Collection Film index

  • Collection Film 45 meter loops:
No1 Title Year Download
1 Candy I Download
2 Candy II Download
3 Mr. Footlong Download
4 School Daze Download
5 The Sailor’s Dream Girl Download
6 Sweet Sixteen Download
7 Hot Honey Download
8 J.A.P Download
9 Rene I Download
10 Rene II Download
11 Wild Mary & Black Saint Download
12 Piece a Cake Download
13 Unknown Not Available
14 Irish Lass Download
15 Bubbles Download
16 Linda I Download
17 Linda II Download
18 San Francisco Delight Download
19 Gift Girl Download
20 Shower Girl Download
21 Lola Download
22 Passion Party Download
23 Foxy Lady Download
24 The Tease Download
25 Southern Belle Download
26 Wet Wanda Download
27 It Girl I Download
28 It Girl II Download
29 Beauty In Black Lace Download
30 Sweet Sue Download
31 Melvin’s Surprise Download
32 Cover Girl Download
33 Naughty Daughter Download
34 Liberated Lady Download
35 Country Girl Download
36 Swedish Dish Download
37 It Girl III Download
38 Mimi Download
39 Milk Maid Download
40 Princess Download
41 Little Lady Not Available
42 Super Boobs Download
43 Princess Romana Download
44 Ballerina Not Available
45 Passion Princess Download
46 Finger Lickin Download
47 Latin Lady Not Available
48 Cream Puff Download
49 Bathing Beauty Download
50 Teenage Pickup Download
51 Horny Reunion Download
52 Get Lost Download
53 Class Act Download
54 Sensuous Centerfold Download
55 Horny Holiday Download
56 Oriental Dish Download
57 Red Hot Download
58 The Vixen Download
59 California Girl Download
60 Tush Download
61 Ream Dream I Download
62 Ream Dream II Download
63 Smarty Pants Download
64 Video OH OH! Download
65 Daddy’s Friend Download
66 Dirty Harry & Horny Henna Download
67 Picnic Passions Download
68 Bubble-Gum Honey Download
69 Take Me, Take Me! Download
70 Smokey And The Bare Lady Download
71 The Not So Coy Co-ed Download
72 The Wet Dream Scheme Download
73 Maid In Japan Download
74 A Plan To Be Rammed Download
75 House Humping Download
76 Revenge At The Springs Download
77 Cameo And Cream Download
78 The Pretty Red Muff Download
79 Little Red Humping Hood Download
80 Two Juggs And A Jug Download
81 Fantasy Lane Download
82 Second Date Download
83 A Tisket, A Tasket Download
84 Service With A Smile Download
85 Wine And Rosie Download
86 The Queen’s Full House Download
87 Champagne Seduction Download
88 Afternoon Cock Tale Download
89 A Fair Fare Download
90 Duel In The Desert Download
91 Randy, Candy & Brandy Download
92 Master Piece Download
93 Hot Iron Download
94 Condo Fever Download
95 Be My Valentine Download
96 Summer Pick-Me-Up Download
97 Rub A Tub Tub Download
98 Candy’s Sampler Download
99 Babbette I Download
100 Babbette II Download
101 Head Over Heels Download
102 Horsin’ Around Download
103 Shelly Lucks Out Download
104 A Run For Fun Download
105 The Fairest Of Them All Download
106 The Cunning Co-ed Download
107 Slow To Blow Download
108 The Census Taker Download
109 The Museum Piece Download
110 A Blaze Of Glory Download
111 A Gift Horse… Download
112 Room-Mating Download
113 To Make A Blonde Download
114 Naughty Notes Download
115 Ball-E-Ball Download
116 Dear Mr. Plumber Download
117 Room(mate) For Rent Download
118 Marshmellow Maggie Download
119 The Flower Girl Download
120 Wet Wash Download
121 A Little Wine And Thou.. Download
122 Fashion Model Download
123 Repairing Rhonda-Jo Download
124 Rear Door Action Download
125 Hot Strokes Download
126 Love Juices Download
127 Exploding Climax Download
128 Sexual Playground Download
129 The Hungry Housewife Download
130 Two’s Company… Download
131 Rear Entry Download
132 Bartender, Make Me A Double Download
133 Fix My Clock Download
134 Liberated Lady Download
135 Hot Flashes Download
136 Edible Action Not Available
137 Calling On An Angel Not Available
138 Doing It In The Hay Download
139 Voluptuous Erica Download
140 Physical Games Download
142 Probing Interview Download
145 Juices of Desire Download
146 Moving In Download
150 Watch Me Download
151 Juices Flowing Download
163 Threading His Pipe Download
165 Eating Edie Download
171 Girl’s Play Download
172 Programmed For Desire Download
176 Handle Cure Download
180 Lipstick On His Cock Download
185 Sticky Situation Download
186 Orgasmic Splendor Download
190 Love at First Stroke Download
194 Masterpiece Trio Download
  • This Index will be updated soon with more Available Downloads.
  • If you own any Collection Film loop that isn’t avaible for download in our Collection Film Loops Index and wish to share with Us, send an email with the download link using contact form. In 24 the clip will be posted.

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