Cd Produktion


CD-Produktion, CD-Film. German Duisburg based producing and trading 8mm films, dates back to early seventies, perhaps late sixties. Relation with WARA Film & Ton GmbH. CD-Film bought the WARA company and the WARA film rights when WARA owner retired. CD-Film then republished many of the acquired WARA films on its own 8mm and video series.

Index of CD-Produktion series:

Index Content
Amorette Amorette
Brasil Film Brasil Film
Caprice Film Caprice Film
CD de Luxe CD de Luxe
CD-Exotic CD-Exotic
CD-Film CD-Film – 60 meter
CD-Film CD-Film – 100 meter
CD-Film CD-Film – 150 meter
CD-Kokett CD-Kokett
CD-Trick CD-Trick
CD-Werbefilm CD-Werbefilm
Jasmin Film Jasmin Film
Orchidee Film Orchidee Film
Saphir Film Saphir Film

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