60′s Girls

60s Girls

60′s Girls

60′s Girls short series 8mm loop by Diamond Production(s). Super 8mm color hardcore sex film. Related to Diamond Collection series. US filmed and published. European distribution House of Intex Amsterdam Holland.

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  • 60′s Girls 8mm films:
No1 Title Starring Year Download
1 Tennis Star Sharon Kane Download
2 Big Prick Download
3 Huge Tits f, m Download
4 Watermelon Download
5 Big Dolly Jesse Adams Not Available
6 Juicy Lucy Download
7 Mrs. Big Tits Don Fernando Download
8 Big Tit Pirate Susan Nero Download
9 Jumping Tits Jonathon Younger Download
10 Big Load Download
11 Pimple Cure King Paul Download
12 Big Marine Not Available
13 Big Girl f, m Download
14 Olive Oil Download

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